Instagram, or IG, has over 500 million users visiting the site daily setting itself as one of the best social media platforms. This makes it a powerful tool to market your eCommerce products. But you have to use it well or you might lose out on all those potential paying clients.

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The following is a 3 step guide to effectively using Instagram as your eCommerce business marketing tool;

Step 1: Optimize your IG profile to look as great as your eCommerce business site

It is so frustrating to bump into your favorite online store on IG only to find their page is super boring. Makes you wonder why they wouldn’t make an effort of turning their IG page to be as attractive as their website.

You can avoid this mistake by optimizing your IG profile by making your bio as creatively detailed as possible letting your visitors familiarize with your products. Take vivid and clear pictures, professional if that’s what it will take to create amazing product pics. Remember IG users are very visual and a pic can carry million thoughts causing different reactions on the people viewing it.

Step 2: Select the right profile image speaking volumes about your eCommerce business site

Your profile image has to be what your brand speaks about, do not make the common mistake of posting an irrelevant image. Most brands prefer using their company logo as their profile image. This works perfectly. Logos identify with a brand and chances are your site visitors will quickly identify your IG profile image the minute they run into it.

Step 3: Make a compelling bio for your eCommerce business IG profile

The first thing people should read on your bio should point out to who you are, what you do, and the type of personality your brand has.

For the ‘who you are’ part, simply place your eCommerce business name in the “Name” field during profile creation. Pick a username similar to your website that is easy for people to find. Shorten it if you have to, but make it recognizable for your clients to easily find you.

Spice up your bio using attention grabbers like emojis to create brand personality.

Step 4: Link your eCommerce business site to your IG profile

This will give IG users the chance to click on a link directly leading to your eCommerce site where they will find a variety of your other products. This increases both your site traffic and sales.

Step 5: Make regular posts of your eCommerce business products on IG

Be strategic about the content you post on IG that will help you with your eCommerce business growth. First analyze your competition to get helpful insights on what makes them have so many IG followers. Secondly, pick one aesthetic that you will stick with. Pay attention to color schemes content, and photo style. Finally make regular posts of an average of 1.5 times every day.

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